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A Great Pair of Glasses Is More than Just the Frame


At Eyeshapes Hoboken, we pride ourselves in offering the most recent advances in eyeglass lenses. Our trained staff has extensive knowledge in the various lens designs, materials, and treatments. We look at each patient's prescription and lifestyle needs to better recommend the ideal lens package.

Single Vision Lens

These lenses can be for general use or for specific tasks like reading or viewing computers. We offer many materials and treatments including premium anti-reflective coatings, ultra violet protection, photochromatic lenses, and polarized sun lenses. Our staff has extensive knowledge of all the thin lens options available today.

Progressive Lens (No line bifocal)


At Eyeshapes Hoboken we specialize in progressive lens fittings for patients that require correction for distance, intermediate and near vision. We offer traditional progressive lenses as well as lenses specifically designed for computer use. Now progressive lenses can be fit in even the more narrow contemporary style frames. Patients no longer have to sacrifice style for good vision; you can have both!

Sun Glasses

We offer many choices in sun wear. We have a large selection of sunglasses in stock and many are available to fill with your prescription. We recommend polarized sun lenses to all our patients. Polarized lenses go beyond UV protection and offer the wear greater relief from reflected glare off flat surfaces. Polarized lenses are available in many colors in both single vision and progressive lens designs.

Anti-Reflective Coatings


Over 95% of our patients enjoy lens packages that include an anti-reflective coating. To increase light transmission through the lens, these specialty coatings are applied to the front and back surface of the lens. Less reflected light means better vision for the wearer. Anti-reflective coatings are available on all lens designs including single vision, progressive and sun lenses.

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